About Nectar Meal Plan


 Healthy-food delivery service (or pick up!)


Nectar Meal Plans are designed to detox, restore and empower your body with functional soups – salads – smoothies and raw juices.


The most nutritious way to achieve weigh lost while balancing body and mind.


Nutritionist - Registered Dietician approved.


Pre order Nectar Meal Plans for a Week or an On Going Basis.


We deliver to your home or office two times per week


  • Plant based, high protein and fiber for strong body (fish and chicken available on the Flex Plan)
  • High in brain foods for focus and productivity
  • Hormone balacing foods
  • High in healthy fats
  • Mood and energy enhancing foods


Nectar Meal Plan is  focus on unprocessed whole foods, lots of vegetables, raw juices and real smoothies.


Approved and recommended by Nutritionist - RD.


Email us to receive for information: info@benectar.com


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